Our workshops encourage children to be more aware of themselves and their thoughts and feelings through mindful meditation, and to learn to express themselves creatively through a range of artistic projects (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage). We believe this combination of self-awareness, self-care, and self-expression is a wonderfully healthy and fun area for children to dive into and explore.

Once upon a time there were 3 mums who didn’t care a bit…

…they cared a lot. And what did they care about? Mini people and their minds.


Emma Sims (Founder of Create & Meditate & Creative Director (BA Hons, Art in a Social Context), Gabriel Knollys (Artist) and Mel Thomas (certified Mindfulness in Schools teacher and Mental Health First Aider) are the protagonists in this story, who share one very fundamental passion: childrens’ mental health and well-being. This passion became a mission, and Create & Meditate was born.


At our monthly workshops, children will be learning real skills: tangible skills through their varied artistic projects (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage) and intangible skills through their Mindfulness practices (training busy minds, steadying ourselves, recognising when our minds are telling stories, growing happiness and nurturing ourselves). 


All of our staff are DBS checked and we follow a 'safe recruitment' policy. We have a safeguarding policy that can be viewed under the menu/safeguarding. Please let us know if we need to be made aware of any requirements you need to make your child feel safe and secure. We accommodate everyone and want you and your child to feel at ease.

Create and Meditate trading under Creative Management Ltd.

Company registration number: 6479990

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